Nigella - Love Bites

Music & Lyrics by Shanon D Whitelock

Commissioned by Melbourne-based performer Raelene Isbester.

She has been tantalising our taste buds for years. Single handedly bringing sexy back into the kitchen with her smooth rich british accent, voluptuous physique and rampant addiction to alliteration.
Nigella has proven she is a domestic goddess time and again. However, even a domestic goddess is prone to a bad day where everything just doesn't seem to go their way and all they seek is a day languishing around in bed. In recent years her life has been filled with the bitter and the sweet. After a slew of recent media disasters, she has relaunched and revamped and is back with a vengeance.
Nigella -- Love Bites is a triumphant character cabaret that explores the sugar highs and front page lows of Nigella's career.

'Nigella - Love Bites is an ooey, gooey delight / A decadent little show with a light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek delivery’ – Theatrepeople
‘Luscious comedy as sweet as a chocolate fondue’ – Weekend Notes
‘This show is fun, smart, includes the audience and….very entertaining whether a fan of the famous Nigella Lawson or not.’ Melbourne Observer

Pressure Cooker
Sumptuous and Sensual
That's Not Me (The Brand Song)
The Court Case
There You Were | sheet music
Life Is Better (With Pleasure)
I'll Keep Moving
Let Go

Performed by Raelene Isbester
Directed by Kaarin Fairfax
Music & Lyrics by Shanon D Whitelock
Additional Songs by Francesca Li Donni

Original Season, July 2016
Directed by Simon Trevorrow
Music & Lyrics by Shanon D Whitelock
Book by Raelene Isbester

Photo Credit: 3fates Media