Never Date A Songwriter

Music & Lyrics by Shanon D Whitelock

An energetic confessional comedy following the misadventures of modern dating. Stepping into the world of songwriter and composer, Shanon Whitelock, the show is humorous, heartfelt and at times shockingly honest in this candid, autobiographical journey of self-discovery. Be serenaded with original songs about sexual tension, feeling of longing, dating, love lost - love found and explaining your relationship to those near and dear to you. If you've ever considered dating a songwriter, consider yourself warned - date at your own risk – YOU could end up being the next big hit!

Nice Guy
About You (Have You Got Any Idea)
Morning Comes
Beau Rhapsody (lyrics co-written with Toby Halligan)
Away From You
Never Date A Writer
On the Road | sheet music
I Don't Want to Face the World Today | sheet music
You Ruined Christmas

Original Season: October 2015
Written & Performed by Shanon D Whitelock

Directed by Jeremy Hinman
Dramaturgy by Michelle Brasier

Artwork Design by Nadine McLeay
Performance photography by Angel Leggas for 3fates Media