The Muse

Book, Music & Lyrics by Shanon D Whitelock

The moment that inspiration strikes; a precious gift from the universe. Is it divine intervention or is it earned through actions of humanity.

Take an unfiltered look into the genesis behind creativity in this all new song cycle composed by Green Room Award winner Shanon Whitelock.

Starring Adam Noviello (Priscilla: Queen of the Desert, Matilda - The Musical), The Muse chronicles the new romance of a tortured artist on the quest for a creative breakthrough. Inspiration comes and goes, but the desire to create never dies. Whitelock's newest work explores how inspiration turns into art, and how the capturing of inspiration becomes creativity.

On the Page
The Writing Song
And There You Stood | sheet music
The Quilt
I Am A Conduit
A Perfect Vision
There's A Point
Dancing Around Our Lives
Art and the Man
The Fight
Please Come Home To Me | sheet music

Original Development Production, September 26/27, 2019
Chapel Off Chapel, Melbourne

Direction by Casey Gould
Set & Costume Design by Joseph V Noonan
Musical Direction & Arrangements by Shanon D Whitelock

Starring Adam Noviello
Piano - Shanon Whitelock
Violin - Jackson Fumberger
Cello - Alex Olijnyk

Artwork Design by Nadine McLeay
Rehearsal photo - Martyn Park for Interlude Pictures