ONE : A Musical

Music, Lyrics & Book by Shanon D Whitelock & Brad Godby

After witnessing his mother’s death as a young boy, Kaleb grows up in Jerusalem’s underworld mastering his skills as a thief. As the Roman Empire tightens its leash on the Jews, a movement for freedom is born with a plan to topple the Imperial Guard. The movement, however, is broken when the leader, Kaleb, falls in love and in turn forsakes his role in the band of thieves. Only a man from Kaleb’s past, deadly in motivation, must convince him to turn back and finish what he started.

Something More
Anthem of Israel
Years Ago
The Roman World
Days Gone By
Will You Love Me
Breath of Life
Under Starlight
I'm Done With You
The Boy's Prayer
Alone Amongst the Stars
Life I've Known

Live Album recorded August 11, 2007

Live Album recorded August 11, 2007

Original Concert Production August 11, 2007
Gold Coast Arts Centre, Australia

Produced by Danni McDonald for Armonia Theatre Co.

Directed by Jane Irvine

Musical Direction & Orchestration by Shanon D Whitelock
Conducted by and Additional Orchestration by Melody Eotvos

Production photos and artwork by Danni McDonald